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City Mouse

City Mouse - Amy Lane, Aleksandr Voinov This sequel did not disappoint and we dive right in where Country Mouse ended. The question is can these two complete opposites make it when their basic makeup is so starkly different?

Banker Malcolm is so controlled. His self worth is tied up in his status and his paycheck. He's a major bit of a snob but he's just covering his own insecurities. His ambitions are sucking the joy out of his life and he's scared of letting go of his self imposed rules.

Sweet Owen is probably too laid back but that just works perfectly in sync with tightly wound Mal. His priorities are the simple things that make him happy. He sees a different side to his lover and enjoys bringing out the tender parts in him.

Make no mistake though - this was just as steamy as the first. It was fun watching these two navigate their new relationship. Their interactions were realistic, as well as sweet and hot. Add a touch of kink plus toys and playful dominance push/pull - all of which made it that much more interesting and entertaining!

This was an excellent afternoon read - thanks for sharing it with me Ingela!