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Shattered Glass

Shattered Glass - Dani Alexander I don't know if my brain wasn't firing on all cylinders for some unknown reason but I found the central story arc/mystery to be quite convoluted. Was that just me??

This was definitely not your typical romance in that there was hardly any romance at all. Were there some romantic moments? Mmm maybe?? There were some hot scenes, plenty of arguments, massive amounts of avoiding one's true feelings. But as a fellow GR member said in a review of hers of a different book - there was "no explicit penetration descriptions". Bummer. Like Austin, I was confused a lot, frustrated often, but was I entertained? Yes! Did the dialogue keep me interested? Absolutely!

To say the least, Austin's personality was full of sarcastic wit, funny assholery comebacks, and his inside voice was fantastic. Peter to me was the big enigma. Strong but vulnerable; so wanting to atone for his past - trying to make things right and take care of his family.

Like I said before this is not really a romance. More of a mystery about a cop who newly discovers he's gay, falls quickly in lust/love with a potential suspect on a case he's working, and eventually unearths a conspiracy that runs deeper than he ever imagined. I will be reading the sequel when it comes out!