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Right on Time

Right on Time - Dawn Kimberly Johnson This is romantic suspense at its best with a touch of sci-fi thrown in. The initial short, but awesome prequel [b:One Constant|14758963|One Constant|Dawn Kimberly Johnson|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1338615965s/14758963.jpg|20408295], chronicles the 5 instances that Charleston was sent back in time to rescue Barnaby from certain death and doom. This sequel immediately begins where the other book left off.

Haunted and fixated on the mysterious "superhero" from his past, Barnaby longs for Charleston to stay for more than the few minutes he has appeared at key moments in his life. He is a tortured artist with nerves of steel, often showing surprising bite and fight in him, not willing to be anybody's doormat.

Charleston, the agent who becomes increasingly attached to his subject, is finally ready to be a permanent presence in Barnaby's life. Each longs for the other, connected by their brief interactions, forced to fight for their lives to have a future.

This was pretty darn awesome despite the low heat level. However there still were some lovely tender moments and hot scenes that greatly contribute to this love story. If you like this genre, I don't think you'll be disappointed!